About Me (&My Resume)

I am a 27 year old dude that loves learning and has difficulty attaching to one thing. Since I was a kid, it's been my priority to learn about everything possible. Whether that be culture, science, or anything otherwise general, I'd like to know something about it, or develop some level of skill in it.

Currently I am focusing my career towards GNU/Linux and its various applicabilities. I have been using GNU/Linux continuously for over 14 years, starting out with Red Hat Linux 7 and working my way through oodles of distros since. I like to try out what's out there, and I seek out software with licenses I love. I'm a FOSS freak, and I've been developing an interest in documentation & compliance, stemming from my time in quality assurance at a bakery.

My two considerations in life are knowledge, of course, but also compassion. My mindset is global, and I am always looking to contribute locally. My values spring from my upbringing: a hyper-dense city, a rural farm, suburbia. I try my best to understand everyone's perspective, and my mind best attempts to fit all of that together.

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